In the years 1943–1945, twenty RSHA trains left from what is now the Shoah Memorial carrying Jews and other persecuted people to concentration or death camps. Thousands of people were loaded onto livestock cars and taken away to be killed “for the simple crime of having been born” or because they were political dissidents.

The Timeline is an annotated chronology providing context and a synopsis of the events taking place between 1922 and 1945 that overwhelmed not only those deported from the hidden track that is now the Memorial, but also led to the murder of nearly eleven million people for racial or political reasons. Some six million of the people killed in that period were Jews (and of these some 7,800 were Italian), approximately half a million were Romani or Sinti.

The timeline outlines:

a) Fascist Italy and the development of the racial policies that were implemented in this period;
b) The political theories establishing racism as a pillar of the German state and the development of the policy of extermination in Großdeutschland under National Socialism and in the conquered territories;
c) A number of events in World War II, particularly those that influenced in some way the fate of the Jewish peoples and the genocidal policies of the Nazis.

The History section also includes a number of historical documents on a variety of topics. This section will be continually updated and expanded.



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