“In Jewish tradition, the command to remember is absolute. But its obligation does not end with the cognitive act of memory—it must be connected to both meaning and action. Today, we for whom the memory is burned in our hearts and on our flesh gather to pass the torch of memory to the next generation. We pass to you, as well, the fundamental lesson of Judaism: that memory must be accompanied by action of ethical and moral intent. This must be the foundation and the focus of your energies toward the creation of a better world.” (Yad Vashem)


Goti Bauer

Over the past twenty years, Goti Bauer has been one of the most active and authoritative witnesses to the Shoah. Her tireless efforts, addressed principally to students, have brought her into contact with tens of thousands of young people throughout Italy… Continue reading

Liliana Segre

Liliana Segre is one of the survivors to the convoy that left Milan on 30th January 1944, here in the arms of her father Alberto. Liliana was only 13 when they were arrested at the Swiss border… Continue reading

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