Virtual tour

On the occasion of Holocaust Remebrance Day, 27 January 2021, for the first time the Shoah Memorial of Milan offers the chance to enjoy a guided tour from a distance.

At the moment, the video is only available in Italian, but will soon be dubbed into English.

To echo the words of Roberto Jarach, President of the Fondazione Memoriale della Shoah di Milano:

"There has been a deafening silence inside the Memorial for several months now and it will be difficult and alienating not to see at the entrance the thousands of citizens who every year, on these days, honour the meaning of Remembrance. At the same time, in this complex year, we have been given the great opportunity to bring - albeit virtually - even more people into this unique place in the world. Milanese, of course, but also students and people from other cities, or even other countries. It has been and will be a special year, but we hope to succeed, also thanks to initiatives like this one, in shortening distances and fighting indifference together, once again. Memory must never stop; this is the message we want to share with all those who are thirsty for civil conscience and for that fight against indifference that can be found in the inscription we encounter as we enter the Memorial, which reminds us that the real enemy to fight is always: indifference, precisely".