Central Station

Designed by Ulisse Stacchini in 1912, the station was opened in 1931. The design of one of the city's architectural jewels included a street-level area-underneath the passenger area-for loading and unloading mail that, between late 1943 and early 1945, was used for deportation

Stumbling Stones

It is a small square block of stone (10x10 cm), covered with shiny brass, placed in front of the door of the house in which a person deported to the death camps last resided: it commemorates his name, year of birth, day and place of deportation, and date of death

San Vittore Prison, Milan

As soon as Milan was occupied, on September 10, 1943, the Germans commandeered rays IV and V of San Vittore, the city prison, under the command of Helmut Klemm. The internal guard service was entirely run by the Germans, while the external guard service remained under Italian responsibility

Hotel Regina

September 13, 1943 to April 30, 1945, SS headquarters in Milan, with the commands of the German Security Police (SIPO), Security Service (SD), and Office IV B-4 in charge of anti-Jewish persecution

House of Memory

The House of Memory was desired and conceived by the City of Milan, together with a number of associations, to welcome and tell the city's memory: a place open to all those who are committed to preserving and disseminating the history that made Milan a witness and symbol of the democratic values of freedom and repudiation of violence on which our country is founded. A public space also dedicated to cultural activities, research, training and debate on issues related to that history and those values