Fratelli d’Italia?

Click on the image above to see the film "Fratelli d'Italia?" (running time 50 minutes) with the account of relatives of some of the deportees

Binario 21

The poetic "Binario 21" (duration: 7 minutes) from 2005 collects the testimony of Liliana Segre talking to her 13-year-old self in the deportation sites where she returns after 60 years

Interview with a Goti Bauer

L'intervista a Goti Bauer, in questi ultimi vent'anni, una delle più attive e attendibili testimoni della Shoah

Interview with Liliana Segre

One of the most respected voices of the Italian memory of the Shoah, Liliana Segre – one of the founders of the Shoah Memorial of Milan – relates with exceptional lucidity...

Interactive map of the Stumbling Stones in Milan

An interactive map of the Stumbling Stones in Milan: y clicking on the individual markers you will go to the tab dedicated to the people and families remembered by the Stumbling Stones

The journey, testimony of Liliana Segre

The journey from San Vittore prison to Auschwitz, the testimony of Liliana Segre